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How To Evaluate Cheap Laptop Computers Or Build Your Notebook

When it comes to buying cheap laptop computers (notebooks), you don't have to sacrifice quality. The advancements in technologies and stiff competition in the marketplace have resulted in big reductions in the prices of some very good quality laptops.

You don't need to settle for barebones notebooks either. It is now easier than ever before to find reasonably powerful, cheap laptop computers that have multiple features. But choosing one may not be easy.

There is a large assortment of new laptops available in all manner of brands, sizes and technical capabilities.

Plus when you throw in all the productive and entertainment components, it can get pretty confusing trying to choose one new laptop that fits your computing needs and budget.

But fear not. This website is geared towards making the act of choosing the right laptop -- much easier. We will inform you as to which laptop pc is most suitable for your needs whilst making sure that you don't "burn a hole in your pocket" getting it.

The first step to making an informed buying decision is knowing the type of computer user you are and where and when you are going to be using your laptop.

Are you a constantly on the road, a frequent flier or a casual traveler? Are you a person who just wants to check your email on the go, a hardcore gamer, a photographer/videographer or a mobile warrior who is constantly conducting business on your pc?

Or perhaps you simply plan on using you laptop at home? These are issues that will have a direct influence on the size, memory capacity and price etc. of the laptop you get.

No matter what your needs are though, there are plenty of quality, but affordably priced (and in many cases very cheap) laptop computers available that can fit your lifestyle.

Once you have an idea of how often and for what reasons you are going to be using a notebook, you should get an idea of the quality and scope of the features available in that notebook.

The " quality and scope" will tell you whether or not the notebook's performance is capable of matching your needs.

The main laptop features discussed on this site are:

Battery | CPU | Carrying Case
Docking Station | Expansion Ports
Floppy | Hard Drive | Keyboard | Memory

Modem | Networking | Operating Systems | Optical | Pointing Device
Printer | Productivity Software Screen Security | Sound | Speakers | USB Flash | Video | Wireless | Warranty

Check out our laptop buying guide for more details on these features.

As you compare various cheap laptop computers, don't ignore some of the more well-known brands in your search. Many of the more popular brands such as Acer, Lenovo, Samsung, Sony VAIO Laptops, Systema and Toshiba also offer affordable notebooks.

If things are really tight, you might also want to consider buying a refurbished laptop (aka a reconditioned laptop) or a used laptop. However, if you go this route, you have to be extra vigilant before purchasing such a laptop. It is best to buy reconditioned or used notebooks from a trusted vendor such Amazon, Dell or Tiger Direct.

If you are a bit adventurous, you can try to build your own laptop. This DIY solution is worth a try if you are technically minded, good with your hands and have around a $1400 budget.

Actually, you could build your own high performance laptop from scratch this way. And it could conceivably cost less and perform better than a comparable pre-built laptop pc.

But if building your own computer is not your thing, not to worry; you can save hundreds of dollars by getting a truly quality but cheap laptop computer.

Are you interested in earning a solid part-time income or a second full-time income from home with your laptop or desktop pc? I can lead you in the right direction.

Since 2006, I have successfully built a couple internet businesses and made decent money online.

Let me show you the best way I know to take your cheap laptop computer and make money online.

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